Superior Third Party Anti-Bribery Due Diligence Reports

* More Vital Facts  * Action Oriented  * Risk Relevent  * Highlights Missing Data  * Saves Time      All at a Savings of Up To 50%

Discover why our reports are the best!

  • Quick, To the Point Summary:
    • Page 1 dashboard provides everything you need to know
      • Conclusion with Risk Heat Gauge
      • Vital Areas of Coverage
      • Types of Risks Identified
      • Risk Level by Finding
  • Expert Risk Assessment
    • Risk type and level of threat
    • Recommendations for Remediation
      • Custom plan based on your commercial needs and risk profile
  • Unlimited Research on Beneficiary Owners (>5%), Directors & Corp. Officers
    • Beneficiary owner research included in each report
    • No ala carte charge for additional principals
  • Powerful Research Leveraging Independent Legal Resources
    • Thorough legal research using over 26K subscription & open resources
    • Every action and pending litigation brought to attention
    • Satellite verification of facility type

Why Specktrum?  We Revolutionized Third Party Due Diligence

Specktrum’s founder, Mark Speck spent 5 years perfecting an efficient model of repeatable processes to both optimize and simplify third-party due diligence while as Chief Compliance Officer at CPA Global. His methodology produced praise from corporate customers and outside counsel who regard his due diligence program as “gold plated.”

Specktrum is now offering this gold plated managed service to global companies looking to improve their reporting coverage at a more reasonable price.

Try us now by October 31st, 2018 and get 1 of our comprehensive third party due diligence reports for $559 or 2 for $999.

See why our expert researchers, coverage areas, report design and price points make Specktrum the provider of choice for your third-party due diligence needs.


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