Specktrum Compliance Management Systems (CMS) Selection Support

It’s a jungle out there when it comes to compliance management solutions (CMS) in the marketplace today. The market is fragmented indeed with a lengthy list of compliance service providers providing either stand alone, dual, combination, or end to end compliance solutions in a single platform.

The field is rich with training content and delivery providers, with some bundling other valuable compliance services into integrated modular platforms. All are not created equal and there can be challenges with customization, attendance management, course completion verification, ERP integration and other LMS options.

Specktrum can help you navigate these tricky waters and aide compliance officers in their selection process, with a view to the strategic future needs of your organization. Because we have experience with a host of compliance management solutions and vendors, are familiar with the industry, and have no ties to any of the providers, we are well positioned and equipped to provide compliance officers guidance throughout this challenging process, enabling your team to focus on their jobs, avoiding getting stretched while slowing down the selection process.

Because we have experience with these modular capabilities, how they can interrelate with each other and integrate with your ERP, and which capabilities each vendor has; we not only speed up the process, but we ensure you get a solution that meets your organization’s unique set of objectives.

Specktrum can manage the process end to end or lead in any of the following, with goal of ensuring you get the components and features that you need to run your compliance function as required with more efficiently.

  1. Hold stakeholder workshops
  2. Develop draft business case with ROI to support automation funding
  3. RFI & RFP design, dissemination and review
  4. Conduct client needs assessment
  5. Develop selection criteria and prioritization
  6. Develop recommendation for solutions required and identify short list of vendors
  1. Create scorecard for evaluation purposes
  2. Participate in evaluation of vendors throughout process
  3. Track product capabilities and proof of concept to requirements
  4. Negotiate price and terms with finalist(s)
  5. Configure software selected

Specktrum can also ensure your resources remain utilized and reduce disruption by configuring the product(s) selected so that they function as designed, expected, and with the most ease.Although most solutions today are cloud based, Specktrum can work with vendors on client server solutions.

“With so much potential to become more cost and process efficient with a better handle on risks and issues in their organization, organizations should seek an integrated, all-in-one compliance management system platform,” says Specktrum founder and Managing Partner, Mark Speck.

Maybe even more valuable is Specktrum’s ability to assist in the negotiation process so that you receive the greatest value at the lower possible cost.  As Chief Compliance Officer of CPA Global, Mr. Speck negotiated significant savings off proposed pricing with Amber Road, OCR, GAN Integrity, ACL, and Navex Global.

Here is a sampling of the most useful automated solutions that are in the marketplace today; keeping in mind all your heart’s desires may not be available or integrated by any or all vendors.

Most Popular Automated Solutions

Compliance Training & LMS

Whistleblowing Hotline & Case Management

Policy Manager

Campaign Manager

Gifts & Entertainment Registry

Employee Conflict of Interest Disclosures

Third Party Risk Management

  • Risk Assessments
  • Certifications
  • Questionnaire dissemination and compilation
  • Restricted Party & PEP Screening
  • Adverse Media Alerts
  • Investigative Research capability
  • Analytics detecting red flags of fraud & corruption

Issue Case Management

Program Performance Dashboard

You may desire one or more of these features with option of starting small and growing. Capability to aggregate data, categorize, segment and analyze the results, perform assignment-based workflows, set notifications and escalations, send and assess surveys, and measure performance, make these applications cost efficient and valuable.

Call Specktrum today to learn more how we can help you select and configure your 21st century solution today at 877-270-0005 or email us at specktrum1@specktruminc.com.