We have the Experience:  Specktrum will prepare your organization for ISO 37001


Management Systems Certification

Specktrum Consultants and Auditors are ISO 19600 and ISO 37001 Certified

We Eliminate the Stress and Complexity of Managing Compliance Inititaives

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Our mission is to assist businesses focus on it’s commercial objectives by developing and maintaining world class custom ethics and compliance programs that manage risk associated with conducting business in today’s complex global and local environments.



Customer Trust is High
Sales Cycle is Reduced
Employee Turnover Reduced
Third Party Risk is Reduced

Our ultimate goal is to partner with businesses to build ethical cultures which result in high level of compliance with regulatory trade regulations, local laws and regulations and internal company policy. We believe this infectious momentum will result in a more highly successful business because;

⦁  Customer trust is high
⦁  Sales cycle time is reduced
⦁  Employee motivation is increased; turnover reduced
⦁  Third party risk is reduced
⦁  Risk of fraud or corruptive act is diminished


1. Our Resources bring to bear over 50 years of combined global business, sales, operational, finance, audit, IT and compliance experience.

2. We are customer centric and dedicated to creating customized solutions that meet rigors of global compliance requirements and are NOT commercially disruptive.

3. We are experts at operationalizing compliance so that controls are seamlessly part of the operational fabric.

4. We partner with our customers to ensure we are aligned with customer’s risk appetite.

5.We are dedicated to providing expert customized compliance services at reasonable rates.

6. We have global partnerships which enable us to quickly look at your business in relation to regulatory compliance requirements.

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